Re: XML Processor Profiles / LC Comment Status

Alex Milowski writes:

> Henry: I think we're doing better than that. The external declarations
> profile gives you the infoset you want, whether or not its validated,
> and then you can decide independently to validate it.
> Norm: Perhaps a note to that effect in 2.3 would be a good idea.
> Henry: In section 3, for class Extended perhaps we should say
> explicitly that may be absent under 2.1 and 2.2.
> These comments not have an action item nor anything in the minutes
> saying we're not doing that.  I think we missed taking Norm & Henry's
> suggestion.  If we did that and the previous action items, I think
> we've addressed Michael's substantive comments in as much as we're
> going to do.

I think you missed this

I think action "210-22" is a not-detected typo for 210-02

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