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How would the XProc processor see the "soft" dependency between the p:xinclude step and the ext:get-weather... step in your example? I think we will have to either provide more information on the p:xinclude (ala depends-on), or go for the "scoped" resource manager construct.

An aside regarding stylesheets, queries, schemas etc. - I think we have a slight inconsistency in the spec. In p:validate-with-xml-schema, you can pass a sequence of schemas to the "schema" input port, and these schemas will take precedence when processing locating schemas and processing xs:import. Unfortunately, we don't have the same in p:xslt or p:xquery. But the resource manager should solve it.

And just a final thought: what about the situation when you have a step with two input ports, but you want to use a different resource manager for each port? It is clearly a corner case, but I could imagine a situation (for example, with the p:xslt step) in which "foo.xml" should be interpreted differently in the stylesheet and in the data.


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> Subject: The resource manager use case
> The canonical resource manager use case, to my mind, is the XInclude
> case. Consider this slightly contrived example.
> input.xml:
>   <doc>Today's weather is
>     <xi:include href="todays-weather.xml"/>
>   </doc>
> pipeline.xpl:
>   <p:pipeline>
>      ...
>      <ext:get-weather-based-on-params-or-locale-or-whatever
>           base-uri="todays-weather.xml"/>
>      <p:xinclude>
>        <p:input port="source">
>          <p:document href="input.xml"/>
>        </p:input>
>      </p:xinclude>
>      ...
>   </p:pipeline>
> The idea is that the get-weather... step produces a document with the
> appropriate base URI and then when XInclude goes off to get that
> document, the pipeline provides the document generated by some other
> step in the pipeline.
> It's possible, for any given case, to imagine ways to rewrite the
> pipeline, but the general case remains: processing some documents will
> appeal to URIs and it would be useful to be able to generate the
> documents that should satisfy those URIs in other steps in the pipeline
> (consider synthesized stylesheets and schemas, for example).
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