The resource manager use case

The canonical resource manager use case, to my mind, is the XInclude
case. Consider this slightly contrived example.


  <doc>Today's weather is
    <xi:include href="todays-weather.xml"/>




       <p:input port="source">
         <p:document href="input.xml"/>


The idea is that the get-weather... step produces a document with the
appropriate base URI and then when XInclude goes off to get that
document, the pipeline provides the document generated by some other
step in the pipeline.

It's possible, for any given case, to imagine ways to rewrite the
pipeline, but the general case remains: processing some documents will
appeal to URIs and it would be useful to be able to generate the
documents that should satisfy those URIs in other steps in the
pipeline (consider synthesized stylesheets and schemas, for example).

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