Re: Editor needs procedural feedback

Murray Maloney <> writes:
> 1) Having started with Alex 20060411 WD, should I be using the same
> IDs for everything, or are we forking a new document? That is, should
> this document continue to be known as
> or should it become
> or some such? I can
> see logic behind either approach, and I guess I would prefer that we
> continue the same URI, but I am asking because I just don't know what
> proper procedure is.

I think we should give it a separate URI. We can point back to the old
one and we can update the old one to point to the new one.

> More generally, I guess I am asking someone to help me figure out the WD meta-data content.

Don't sweat it too much, when we get closer to making a public draft,
we can work it out.

> 2) How do I get set up to use content management system? I think that
> I heard that I need a key of some kind, and I may need to use SSH.
> Could somebody fill me in or point me at somebody who can? Please note
> that I alternate between my laptop and a Mac Mini, and would like to
> be able to work from either, if that matters.

Right. So you want to generate an SSH key on *one* of those machines
and copy it to the other, so they both have the same keys.

Then you need to do whatever Liam tells you :-P

(It's been soooo long since I did it, I don't even have a vague memory
of the process.)

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