Re: Template note updated

Alex Milowski <> writes:
> I don't see why this makes things easier.  That's like saying since
> "&" has to be escaped in XML and we use ";" to end entity references,
> a ";" needs to be escaped.
> I would prefer it to not be an error unless we find some *really* good reason.

So if I want to include "{some content}" literally in my template, I
have to generate

  <script>function f() {{some content}</script>

rather than

  <script>function f() {{some content}}</script>

And if I do use the second form, I'll get:

  <script>function f() {some content}}</script>

in the output. You're OK with all of those inconsistencies?

I think we either have to say "}" needs to be escaped or it doesn't. I
prefer to say it has to be escaped because I think that's more

OTOH, I expect it'll be pretty uncommon to want to generate curly
braces (script elements in (X)HTML output notwithstanding) so I'll
probably vote "concur" whichever way the wind blows.

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Received on Friday, 19 November 2010 16:15:03 UTC