Re: ACTION-2008-08-28-03: the kinds of nodes that are legal for all steps

"Innovimax SARL" <> writes:

>> - Proposal to change p:insert, but I don't think that works for the reasons
>>  I cited above.
> Well I don't agree
> What about Richard argument in
> minutes
> [[
> I like Richard's formulation: p:insert allows matching of anything
>   which may have children if where is first or last, and anything that _is_
>   a child if where is before or after
> ]]

You're right. I got caught up just thinking about the document case.


  The match option can match element, text, processing-instruction,
  and comment nodes.

Change the description of err:XC0025 to read

  It is a dynamic error (err:XC0025) if the match pattern matches the
  document element and the value of the position option is "before" or
  "after" or if the match pattern matches anything other than an
  element node and the value of the position option is "first-child"
  or "last-child".

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