RE: XProc Minutes 28 August 2008

Hi all,

I read the agenda (quite a list!) and I wonder if any decision has been
made with regard to the in-scope namespace bindings for options
specified using the shortcut form:

>   Item 014
>    Mohamed: The example uses p:namespaces where it isn't needed.
>    Norm: Let's let the editor reconsider the example
>    Mohamed: I think the example predates the default rule, 
> and that's the
>    problem.
>    <scribe> ACTION: Norm to reconsider and fix this example 
> [recorded in
>    Mohamed: Vojtech observes that it's not clear when we use 
> the short format
>    for the option.
>    Norm: If you use the short form then you can't use 
> p:namespaces, so you
>    better not need it.

I was wondering whether we shouldn't say that options specified using
the shortcut form inherit the in-scope namespace bindings of the step
where they are specified - so that the following would work properly:

> |
> | <!-- prefix p should be already bound at this point -->
> | <ex:delete-in-div xmlns:ex=""
> |     divchild="html:p[@class='delete']"
> |     xmlns:html=""/>

In a reply, Mohammed pointed out that: 

> this bullet point in 5.7.5
> [[
> Otherwise, the in-scope namespaces from the element providing the
> value are used.
> ]]
> is not far from saying that

Perhaps 5.7.5 should be more explicit about what happens with option


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