Re: New draft: 9 Nov 2008 writes:

> - "XProc provides a very limited set of tools..." - is it really "very
> limited", or just "limited"? At least on the input side, I would say we
> offer some rather interesting functionality.

Ok, I took out "very".

> - "Implementors [of p:http-request] are encouraged to support the file:
> URI scheme so that users can load local data from computed URIs." -
> perhaps this sentence could be copied (or moved?) to section 7.1.10
> (p:http-request) as well?

I softened the introductory paragraph and added the following note to

<note><para>In the case of simple “GET” requests, implementors are encouraged
to support as many protocols as practical. In particular, pipeline authors may
attempt to use <tag>p:http-request</tag> to load documents with computed
URIs using the <literal>file:</literal> scheme.</para></note>

Does that help?

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