RE: New draft: 9 Nov 2008

> Hi folks,
> I just published a new editor's draft[1] with diffs[2]. I believe this
> draft addresses most of the issues we discussed at the F2F and the
> ones that have come up since. Please catch up on email and comment on
> any threads that remain open[3].
> Please also comment on the new section 2.2.2.

I think it is good to have a separate section about non-XML content, and
how it is (or is not) dealt with in XProc. It makes many things much
clearer, I think.

The prose looks good to me. Maybe just two minor things:

- "XProc provides a very limited set of tools..." - is it really "very
limited", or just "limited"? At least on the input side, I would say we
offer some rather interesting functionality.

- "Implementors [of p:http-request] are encouraged to support the file:
URI scheme so that users can load local data from computed URIs." -
perhaps this sentence could be copied (or moved?) to section 7.1.10
(p:http-request) as well?


Received on Monday, 10 November 2008 08:39:18 UTC