Re: err:XS0022 & compound steps

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I really hate the subtlty of this.

| Hmm. Section 2.5 (Environment) says:
| "The union of all the declared outputs of all of the containers's
| contained steps are added to the readable ports"

That's the *inherited environment*. That's the environment that the
children steps get, it's not the environment that their parent
container gets.

| and Section 2.2 (Inputs and Outputs) says:
| "Within a compound step, the declared outputs of the step can be
| connected to:
|   - The output port of some contained step.
|   - ...
| So, to me it looks like the container has always access to the output of
| its children...

It does and it's the "In all cases except" clause that enables it.

I'm open to suggestions for how to make it clearer.

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