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Norman Walsh writes:

> With that change, I think we can simply say:
>   If a step specifies an @xpath-version, then that is the version that
>   it uses. If it does not specify a version, but a version is
>   specified on one of its ancestors, the nearest ancestor version
>   specified is the version that it uses. If no version is specified
>   on the step or among its ancestors, then its XPath version is
>   implementation-defined.
> I think it's ok if the implementation makes that decision dynamically.
> So if an <p:pipeline xpath-version="1.0"> imports a library, it can
> elect to make implementation-defined @xpath-version of the steps in
> that library "1.0". If the same implementation imports that library
> into a <p:pipeline xpath-version="2.0">, it can make it 2.0.
> Thoughts? (If we can come to closure on this quickly, I'd like to get
> it into the 1 May draft, so please do reply.)

I'm happy with this proposal.  I think you should include your
"It's OK" paragraph as a Note in the spec.

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