Re: Exclude prefixes on p:inline


On 24 Apr 2008, at 14:49, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> Norman Walsh writes:
>> On 7 Feb, you took an action to propose something for excluding  
>> result
>> prefixes from p:inline.
>> Did you ever make such a proposal?
> Not yet, but here comes one:
>  * Add a new optional attribute to p:inline, spelled
>    'exclude-result-prefixes';
>  * Replace the paragraph after the tableau and the Note in section
>    5.12 [1] with prose along the following lines (borrowing heavily
>    from XSLT2.0 [2])


This looks fine to me. The only thing I'd add, for usability, is the  
ability to specify this higher up the tree as well as locally on  
exclude-result-prefixes. I imagine that most pipelines will have  
namespaces that shouldn't be included on *any* inline documents, and  
it would be tedious to have to specify the same attribute on every  

I'd suggest adding it to <p:pipeline-library>, <p:pipeline> and  
<p:declare-step>, but you could just allow it on any element that  
could have a descendant <p:inline>.


Jeni Tennison

Received on Friday, 25 April 2008 06:45:13 UTC