Re: p:www-form-urlencode should be able to keep string value matched

/ Innovimax SARL <> was heard to say:
|  In 7.2.8 p:www-form-urlencode
| Please add the possibility that the string value of the matched node could
| be kept and concatenated to the generated string may be as an option
| If not you should provide at least at static prefix as p:option

Uhm. What value is a random bit of string before or after a set of
url-encoded parameters. It's either going to mangle the name of the
first key or the value of the last.

I suppose we could add an encode-content option:

 <p:option name="encode-content"/>  <!-- xs:string -->

And say that it provides the name of the key to use for the content.
So if you say <p:www-form-urlencode encode-content="foo">... then
the string value of the matched node is used, "&foo=stringvalue", in
the encoded result.

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Received on Thursday, 24 April 2008 11:51:15 UTC