Re: XProc Editors Draft 2007-07-19: Section 3.6 Comments

Norman Walsh wrote:
> / Jeni Tennison <> was heard to say:
> | Why is it that ignorable namespaces aren't inherited from <p:pipeline-library>
> | to <p:pipeline>? Is it because extension elements that appear in a pipeline
> | library must appear as children of <p:pipeline-library> rather than
> | <p:pipeline>? It would be good to say so if so.
> I've gone back and forth on this point. I think you're right that we
> should make this more explicit. Unless, of course, we just want to let
> the pipelines inside a library inherit from the library?

I think they should, personally. It makes sense for extension elements 
to (possibly) be available at both levels to me, so it seems strange 
that you'd have to specify the ignorable namespaces on each individual 
<p:pipeline> if you wanted to do that.

Jeni Tennison

Received on Tuesday, 24 July 2007 20:26:23 UTC