Re: p:directory step

Innovimax SARL wrote:
> That's interesting but how hard it will be with such a construct
> to have the sequence of all files in a directory (non recusive)?
> <p:directory-list name="list" path="." filter="*.xml"/>
>  <p:for-each>
>     <p:iteration-source select="//c:file"/>
>     <p:output port="result"/>
>     <p:load href="{/c:file/@name}"/>
>  </p:for-each>
> Would that work ?

I think to make this usable, we'd want the 'name' attribute on <c:file> 
to contain an absolute URI (and I'd suggest renaming it to 'href').

We *could* use relative names, and put xml:base attributes on the 
wrapping <p:directory> elements, but that would just force users to use 
an absolutize-base-uris step to get something useful.

(BTW, we don't have AVTs in option values ;)

Jeni Tennison

Received on Tuesday, 24 July 2007 11:14:22 UTC