Re: XProc Editors Draft 2007-07-19: Section 1 Comments

/ Jeni Tennison <> was heard to say:
| Just a few editorial things.

I think I've addressed these.

| The first couple of paragraphs make it sound as if pipelines and steps can only
| have one input and one output, when in fact they can have several.
| In Example 1, "Result Document" is given as if it was the name of an output, but
| it isn't a legal output name because it has a space in it. Probably best to use
| a different term (eg just "result") just in case it gets people confused. In
| fact, it would be nice if the figure and the example code were consistent with
| each other in the names of the inputs and outputs (ie name the inputs 'source'
| and 'schemaDoc' in the figure).
| It might be useful to provide a full syntax version of one or both of the
| example pipelines in this section. They both currently use fairly heavy
| defaulting, which is fine if you want to indicate the simplicity of XProc but
| not so good for people just starting to understand it.

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