Re: Defaulting and syntactic shortcuts

> 1. Why not allow AVTs in option/parameter values? This would,
>    arguably, simplify the language. It would increase the value of the
>    attribute syntax shortcut for option values and allow us to get rid
>    of the distinction between @value and @select on p:parameter and
>    p:option. (What is currently done with @select could be done with
>    an AVT in @value.)

I'm strongly in favour of having AVTs at some point.

There is an argument for doing this now, because having AVTs would mean 
there was no need for a select attribute. If we intend to introduce AVTs 
at some point, that would leave us with a deprecated attribute. And 
deprecated elements/attributes are a pain.

The other conveniences wouldn't lead to any deprecation (since they're 
just syntactic shorthands), and I don't see a requirement to do them 
immediately, if ever.


Jeni Tennison

Received on Friday, 20 July 2007 07:03:33 UTC