Remarks on W3C Editor's Draft 17 July 2007

== Typos ==

== 3.6 Ignored namespaces ==
Please precise that instead of

"otherwise it must behave as if the element had not been present."

it is

"otherwise it must behave as if the element AND ITS CONTENT had not
been present."

== Missing components ==


== Errors ==

    It is a static error to identify more than one output ports as primary.

    See: p:output Element
We do have the one for Documents Inputs (XS0030) but we lack the one
for  Parameter Inputs

    It is a static error if the type attribute is in no namespace.

    See: p:declare-step Element
Please precise that it is about the content (QName) of the type
attribute and not the type attribute itself
Dynamic : sequence = more than one
All the dynamic error imply the equivalence between sequence=more than
one document

Where do zero documents lies ?

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