Re: parameters and pipelines

/ Innovimax SARL <> was heard to say:
|> |    Steps can access the unnamed parameter set using defaulting:
|> |
|> |      <p:input name='bar' kind='parameter'/>
|> That would be:
|>       <p:input name='bar'/>
|> I guess we could do this. That makes this exactly the same as not
|> specifying any p:input for the parameter input at all, right?
| Hum... isn't this supposed to link to the default readable port ?
| <p:input name='bar'/>
| nothing would be an error in that case ?

I don't think it makes sense for parameter inputs to bind to the
default readable port. That would almost certainly raise an error
since it's unlikely that the default readable port will produce
c:parameter or c:parameter-list documents.

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Received on Friday, 6 July 2007 16:51:12 UTC