Re: New system property: p:platform?

Maybe it's something i'm not entirely understanding, but if the exact 
content (format?) should be implementation defined, it couldn't be used 
in a cross-platform way. If so, why bind the property to xproc's namespace?

Norman Walsh wrote:
> Vasil Rangelov says:
>> I also suggest a new property called p:platform or something like that which
>> would return a string containing different information about the environment
>> the XProc implementation is running on. The exact content should be
>> implementation defined for security/privacy reasons. A very typical use case
>> would be implementation that has several language bindings. In this case,
>> this string could contain the name of the language to which the
>> implementation is bind to. It could also show OS, available RAM and CPU and
>> other cheesy stuff. Most of what would be really useful for this property
>> (and also what is most likely to be implemented) could also be used in
>> p:product-version though, so I don't feel very strong about it.
> Thoughts?
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Received on Monday, 2 July 2007 22:08:29 UTC