Re: Final draft for publication on 28 Sep 2006

Norman Walsh wrote:

> | o In section "1 Introduction", we say that the input to a component
> |   comes "from the web, from the pipeline document, from the inputs to
> |   the pipeline itself, or from the outputs of other components in the
> |   pipeline". When you read it this sounds like an exhaustive list, but
> |   it is not since we can use URIs to feed inputs. For example the
> |   input of a step can be file:/c:/foo.xml, which is none of the above.
> I think of that as "from the web". I suppose we could say instead
> "from a URI", but I thought from the web read better.

Sometimes people (including me) oppose "web" to "local", so when I read 
"web" I think "something out there on somebody else's computer". Of 
course this is a little detail, still I think the wording could be 
clarified ;-)


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