Re: Viewport and nested selected nodes

> But you *select* the nodes to which to apply templates using an XPath 
> expression. The match pattern on a template just helps you decide which 
> template to use to process them. We don't have a template-matching model 
> for processing different kinds of nodes in XProc, so I don't think that 
> the XSLT model applies.

But it's quite natural to think of a viewport as transferring
unchanged the nodes of a document until one "matches", and then doing
something different with that one.  I expect to implement it that way.

Alternatively, it's very like an XSLT identity transform with a single
extra template that causes some nodes to get processed differently.
So I think the match-pattern analogy is reasonable.

-- Richard

Received on Wednesday, 25 October 2006 12:23:14 UTC