Re: Constant Inputs during Iteration

/ Alessandro Vernet <> was heard to say:
| On 10/12/06, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
|> On balance, I'm strongly in favor of the former.
| One downside of mandating that URI must be cached is that it will make
| the execution of some pipelines inefficient or even impossible. For

It was clear on the call yesterday that my opinion on this issue is
distinctly in the minority.

Richard pointed out that any pipeline that needs to make sure that the
result of reading a URI doesn't change can do so by using a load
component and referring to the output of that component.

(How that can be made to work with other components that take the URI
as a parameter, or have the URI embedded within their inputs, and not
as an input is unclear to me.)

In any event, I concede that we will not be imposing any such
requirement on implementations.

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Received on Friday, 13 October 2006 19:10:27 UTC