Re: Component interfaces

Alex Milowski wrote:

 > Alternately, you can embed the transfomation:

Embedding input infosets into the XML pipeline as an alternative to
referring to external URLs or XML infosets generated by earlier steps
of the pipeline is also a feature of XPL, and is a great way to avoid
creating dozens of very small external files when lots of constant
small XML documents are required. Such include processor
configurations, short XSLT transformations, etc. With XSLT's
simplified template modules, in particular, this allows you execute
inline XSLT transformations in a breeze:

<p:processor name="xpl:xslt">
     <p:input name="data" infosetref="#regexp-result"/>
     <p:input name="config">
         <!-- Inline transformation instead of external one -->
         <config xsl:version="2.0">
             <xsl:variable ..."/>
             <url><xsl:value-of select="..."/></url>
     <p:output name="data" infoset="url-config"/>


Received on Monday, 16 January 2006 11:12:28 UTC