Re: Re: Proposal for subordinate source elements


I think we have two choice at this time

1/ Keeping the model with few elements, but a lot of data models (up to 4
data models for the p:output and p:input element)
2/ Adding Three new elements and having less Polymorphims of elements

I may be wrong but I think what gives more headache to pipeline hand writer,
and also for code completion tools, is especially the first case


On 12/7/06, Alessandro Vernet <> wrote:
> On 12/6/06, Murray Maloney < > wrote:
> > P.S. Any other discussion before tomorrow's call?
> Murray,
> <p:internal step="step1" port="result" />, <p:external href="..." />,
> and <p:here> here document</p:here> do look good: they are consistent
> and readable. However, I have been writing quite a few pipelines over
> the last few years, and I can't help thinking about those who will be
> doing the same in XProc over the next few years. So while I like how
> readable and consistent your proposal is, I am afraid that by adding
> those elements we would be going down the road of XML Schema or WSDL:
> we would be creating a syntax so verbose that those who will have to
> use it will hate it.
> Alex
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