WAI-ARIA comments from the XHTML WG.

Hello all;

   This is a formal response from the XHTML WG to the Protocols and Formats Working Group
   on the WAI-ARIA draft of the 24th of February 2009.

   The XHTML working group has no comments to the majority of the ARIA
   draft. An exception is the first paragraph of section 2.1, which
   currently read:

     "An ARIA role is set on an element using a role attribute,
      similar to the role attribute defined in the XHTML Role
      Attribute Module [XHTML-ROLES]."

   It is our view that instead of the phrase "similar to", the ARIA
   should instead normatively reference the XHTML Role Attribute Module

   This module provides the required functionality, and the underlying 
   vocabulary (http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml/vocab) includes the WAI-ARIA 
   role values.

   This would, in our opinion, increase the possibility of
   interoperability, and reduce the number of places role values need be

  Thank you.
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