Re: Updates to XHTMLMIME document


 This is Yam. I appreciate your efforts to update XHTMLMIME.

 I just want to add one comment.

 Originally, in 2002, this informative document was coined, mainly in
order to distinguish HTML and XHTML from MIME type perspective.
 It is still an active agenda (with more headaches...), however, now we
have increasing need to distinguish XHTML1 and XHTMLBasic 1.1, or even
XHTMLBasic 1.0 and XHTMLBasic 1.1.
 It is apparent that many XHTMLBasic 1.0-capable devices cannot consume
full XHMTL1 document.
 I assume you will update many XHTMLBasic 1.0 references to XHMTLBasic
1.1 one, in your "this week" edits.

 Considering a) the first priority is still between HTML and XHTML, b)
profile use is "MAY", my proposal is xa) use XHTMLBasic 1.1 in the main
text in a consistent manner, xb) create new Appendix on how to identify
XHTMLBasic 1.x in XHTML language family using profile with concrete
profile examples.

 Hope it raises your awareness on this issue.


-- Yam (Toshihiko Yamakami)

> I have started the process of updating the XHTMLMIME document as per my 
> action and discussions with Roland, Steven, and Tina.  You can see the 
> update via the drafts page ( but 
> remember that it is a work in progress.  I welcome any input, but 
> especially over the next couple of days.  I plan to lock this down late 
> Monday so we can review and decide how to proceed on Wednesday during 
> our regular meeting.

Received on Monday, 17 March 2008 07:30:31 UTC