Re: Updates to XHTMLMIME document

Greetings Shane, I think that what you have written in Appendix A [1] is a 
good start. How about that for damning with faint praise!

I believe that we should consider at least two content authoring 
scenarios. The first, which is what Appendix A is aimed at, is someone 
writing a document. The second that I believe that we should look at is 
where an author creates a "fragment" that may need to be incorporated into 
a containing document. How should such content be authored such that it 
can be included into different types of document, particularly HTML4 and 
XHTML and probably HTML5.


Regards, Roland
IBM Software Group, Strategy, Software Standards

Shane McCarron <> 
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15/03/2008 19:17


Updates to XHTMLMIME document

I have started the process of updating the XHTMLMIME document as per my 
action and discussions with Roland, Steven, and Tina.  You can see the 
update via the drafts page ( but 
remember that it is a work in progress.  I welcome any input, but 
especially over the next couple of days.  I plan to lock this down late 
Monday so we can review and decide how to proceed on Wednesday during 
our regular meeting.

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