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your gut feeling on validation-centric governance

From: Peter Williams <home_pw@msn.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 12:00:58 -0800
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The site you demonstated popped up an IDP selecter. One element was a webid icon. Notably, the openid icon was not there.


Give me your gut feeling on the undering issue (hinted at in my last sentence, above).


1. in the openid world, the trade groups WANTS IDP-COMMUNITY CONTROL over such UI, at the relying party. ANd, they are formualting standards to that effect. These tie up discovery-control with UI guidelines, that are somewhat "controlling". They enable hub/spoke trust modelling, openid style, typical of US serice bureau mega-business models.


2. the mozilla world wants javascript to control discovery, with centralized contorl over the locations where the trusted javascript can be obtained ( so controlling discovery, indirectly).


3. in the windows azure world, Ive already shown how one can have a cloud provider deliver such a selector, and indeed gateway openid to non-openid native websso management domains. This cuts out folks doing 1 - as there is an intermediary in the way.It competes with 2, as its an alternative bit of javascript/json, for making popup UIs. Nothin in the azure model forces one to use the discovery data in said realm manager however (its just a helpful first coding, that you can dump if you wish).


4. there is the world of windows 8 and visual studio 11, it comes with high-profile wizards that build websso powered webapp sites, with realm selectors pointing at google, facebook etc (and openid generally). These selectors are based in local code, for programer to amend.


These are the four cases. And, each reflects a philosophy of how websso gets delivered (to RP sites). Some want more control than others, with the coders paradise as the final resort.


Which if these issues were important to you, when making that app? Was there an agenda, in your experience? (For others DO have agendas in controllign RP, at the discovery stage). Big bucks is deemed to be associated with controlling the consumer's VIEW of IDP-land, via the realm selector.






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