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Hi Bergi,

great to see some progress being made on this issue.

A few questions:

 - what is the licence for the code? BSD/Apache or GNU would be great.

 - I am not quite sure what you are testing here. Well, it seems like you are testing the validity of a particular webid certificate, to see if it matches the foaf file. ie: if it would authenticate you. This would be somewhat similar then to the simple login page
  I suppose all implementations should have a component of this kind, to help the developers of the component, administrators and users work out why someone cannot log it. Is it their certificate that is wrong? Their foaf? Which part of each? and so on.

   But if that is the case then the User Interface to your component could be a lot simpler. You just need to set it up as a service, and people can go to the certificate test page, and try to log in with their browser. You could then have a page which goes into details in human readable form about what failed or succeeded.

   Next one might wonder if having such a service return the same information in machine readable format (RDF) would not also be useful... If it is we could agree on an ontology. Any ideas here?


On 22 Mar 2011, at 23:20, bergi wrote:

> Hi,
> I have created a little WebID test suite. It's based on JUnit and apache
> HttpClient. To test your own webid implementation you have to create an
> endpoint which outputs all valid agents comma seperated. In the
> file you have to change the endpoint to your own url,
> the endpoint certificate to your own certificate in pem format. The
> publish base url and path must point to a folder which is accessable via
> your local file system and http. I'm using a local apache with a hacked
> hosts file. Currently the following tests are included:
> 	- Default (single entry in subjectAtlNames)
> 	- MissingRdf (404 http error)
> 	- MultipleIDs (two entries in subjectAltNames)
> 	- WrongModulus (wrong modulus in rdf)
> 	- WrongPublicExponent (wrong public exponent in rdf)
> Issue:
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> the bergi

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