WebID-ISSUE-13 (bblfish): Develop a logic of trust

WebID-ISSUE-13 (bblfish): Develop a logic of trust


Raised by: Henry Story
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It would also be good to have a serious logic of trust. 

This cannot be a deliverable, as it is certain to be a huge academic undertaking. But one could start
with some very useful rules of thumb. With enough such rules one could start to work out what a minimal trust logic is going to be.

So say I trust <http://friends.va/jesus#me> for a particular  task, or to access certain specific resources.  Someone logs into my server I don't know, proving he is<http://judas.com/#me> 
with a claim in his Profile  that

<http://judas.com/#me> owl:sameAs <http://friends.va/d/judas#x>. 

Should I believe it? Well not like that, if I care at all. But if 

   <http://friends.va/d/judas#x> owl:sameAs <http://judas.com/#me> . 

And if it happens that <http://friends.va/jesus> (the document) states that

@prefix rel: <http://purl.org/vocab/relationship/>

<http://friends.va/jesus#me> rel:closeFriendOf <http://friends.va/d/judas#x>.

Then I have confirmation of the relationship I need to give access.

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