WebID-ISSUE-12 (bblfish): Proof of WebID protocol

WebID-ISSUE-12 (bblfish): Proof of WebID protocol


Raised by: Henry Story
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WebID is so simple to understand it may be difficult to prove. But a if one could do this automatically this would help investigate new ideas.

An initial N3 proof using some minimal claim semantics is detailed in the 2009 European Semantic Web Conference paper (ESW2009)  "Foaf+SSL: RESTful authentication for the Social Web". [1] I have been working very slowly on improving the proof which is online. [2] We should move this to the current HG repository. 

Part of this type of proof will have to be philosophical. The sense/reference distinction may have to base itself on work by Gareth Evans' very large book "The Varieties of Reference". I have also been studying the philosophy of speech acts. There are logics of claims that might be developing in other parts of the semantic web space.

As said this can be developed on the side and need not be a deliverable, though it could simplify discussion in tricky cases. 

[1] http://bblfish.net/tmp/2009/05/spot2009_submission_15.pdf
[2] https://github.com/bblfish/foafssl-java/tree/master/papers/spot2009

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