Re: WebID-ISSUE-10 (bblfish): Hash URLs for Agents [ontologies]

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> On 29 Jan 2011, at 21:04, Peter Williams wrote in the archived mail
> What I really liked about the use of RDFa in the FOAF+SSL pre-incubator world was that the good ol' home page could easily be foaf card, and thus the home page URI is a webid stem. To the average punter (who will rarely understand the significance of #tag on the end), the home page URI is a webid.

I should point out that early on in the foaf+ssl protocol space, a bit against
my sense of what was right, I removed the foaf:Agent restriction on the domain 
of the cert:identity relation. 

That is initially cert identity was defined like this:

:identity a rdf:Property;
      rdfs:range foaf:Agent;
      rdfs:domain :PublicKey .

in english, the identity relation was a relation defined from objects of type 
Public Key to objects of type foaf:Agent. 

For a bootstrapping reason, that it is a bit too late for me now to explain 
in detail, we decided to allow WebIDs to point to Profiles too. I did this 
just by removing the  relation 

:identity rdfs:domain :PublicKey .

But not that long afterwards, after Melvin wrote we found that service
was too awkward to be useful, and so I scrapped it. Nobody complained.

So this just left the question open of whether or not a web identity should or 
should not point to an Agent. To me it seems that the Identity must refer to 
something that can proove that it controls the private key of a public key. So 
it can only be an agent.

As a result I think we should add that restriction back.


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