Re: [foaf-protocols] low memory & WebID?

On 30 Dec 2011, at 20:42, Jiří Procházka wrote:

> Hi,
> I think WebID should be flexible enough to be used on low memory
> embedded systems, does this put any restrictions on the mandated
> syntaxes? I figure turtle because of prefixes would be no go, and other
> syntaxes too - the algorithm for webid validation (client code),
> including the parsers for all required syntaxes, would be best to have
> constant space complexity...
> I don't think such concerns nor the use case are so outlandish they
> shouldn't be taken in consideration.

I am trying to keep that in mind and keep in mind development for the freedombox.
Swap-scala from Dan Connolly seems to indicate that you can write parsers in very little
space for all the well known serialisations.

So there is a lot that can be done I think to reduce the space consumption of tools like Jena.


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> Jiri
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