Re: How To Handle WebIDs for (X)HTML based Claim Bearing Resources

On 29 Dec 2011, at 22:59, Kingsley Idehen wrote:

> I assume, that when you adopt the approach outlined above, you currently end up with verification failures when using the verifiers from Henry and OpenLink? If true, this is a function of the fragment identifier being passed across the wire as part of the HTTP payload generated on the Windows platform, a legacy issue from spec confusion.

I'll be improving the test suite on, but right now it's holidays, so I am being more relaxed. I'd recommend people here to do the same and go look at the 28c3 videos, and tell us about good ones.

Here's one on TOR and government surveillance systems

WebID clearly does not answer the issues they are addressing, but it could at least spread TLS usage to such an extent that blocking TLS would be considered suicidal by bad governments.


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