Re: incubating profiles, and webid-powered sparql server endpoints as trust network "routers"

On 12/28/11 1:47 PM, Peter Williams wrote:
> It was fun playing with ODS (and looking at it from modern goals), and 
> at some point seeing it present in my proxy profile facts listing me 
> as being POTENTIALLY linked to several other Peter Williams', in 
> gmail+. I started to see trust networking happen (facebook style). 
> but, I have a split personality. With one cert (and multiple SAN 
> URIs), I want trust network A to be in effect for SAN.A, and not B. So 
> I want to register with several gatekeeper (i.e. sparql servers 
> webid/https session), so my "call" can be differently routed, through 
> different briding points, ending up with a different trust chain, 
> suiting the (security label) requirements expressed in the endpoint 
> foaf cards.
And that's how it should work. This is the Superman and 'Clark Kent' 
paradox. The basic test applied to our interest and implementations re. 
WebID :-)

Linked Data -- at InterWeb scale -- plus the semantic fidelity that OWL 
brings to relations is the key to making this all happen.



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