Re: neither FCNS nor FOAFSSL can read a new foaf card (hosted in Azure). RDFa validators at W3C and RDFachecker say its fine...

Just looking at it like that it seems that your card is good. 

(Well except that your OpenId is a string, where it should be I think a URI
  ... foaf:openid "" .
 should be 
  ... foaf:openid <> .

Not sure why Talis fails btw.

What is clear about the types of issues you are getting is that our test suites need to help explain 
better what is wrong with the profile document, or why profiles could not be fetched, and even
keep a version of what serialisation they end up receiving around for later inspection. 

In Clerezza I spent some time putting together such detailed tests for the RDF, which I did not port 
to the new foafssl.  Without those types of detailed tests it is difficult to see where the error is. It could
be a cachine error, or it could be a parsing one.

This is why I do recommend that people here get involved with Bergi's work on test suites. It is very 
important to have those working if we are not going to be inundated by these types of issues. Ie: 
these tests have to be automated.


On 27 Dec 2011, at 07:59, Peter Williams wrote:

> please run a debugger, and figure what sensitivity Im triggering.
> The graph now present on the mentioned endpoint is a variant of that documented, as I played another hour after writing up my failure case. My new graph is a a variant of Henrys foafssl card, rather than the minimal card in the spec. It still validates, but still cannot be read by either FCNS or FOAFSSL. FCNS hangs around before failing (as if timing out, when passing through teh URI collection in the cert), whereas FOAFSSL has a fast rejection.
> Once this works, Ill swap out the MVC3 project I built and substitute it with a Best Practices MVC3 site that leverage Azure STS (talking to openid). That will allow me to then properly expose something that has (a) claims-based patterns (b) semantic markup (c) can talk to a webid IDP (via openid auth protocol) using the Azure/ACS STS gateway.

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