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On 12/22/11 8:56 PM, Peter Williams wrote:
> my new cert (old key) with turtle on azure cloud blob service: site 
> reports ok. REport 1 URI, correctly.
> my old cert (old key) with RDFa on blogger page : site reports ok. 
> Only reports 1 URI.
> ODS cert/key/proxyURI with proxied page (for an original twitter 
> account): site reports fail
Ah! There are some issues with the Proxy URIs. Myself and Henry had a 
quick one on one session and found two issues. One relates to across the 
wire serialization which we have to fix. The other is a niggling issue 
re. cache invalidation, but you can work around it by adding the 
following to the ProxyURI: ?@Lookup@=&refresh=clean  after you place the 
ProxyURI in your browser's address bar.

The simple test is this, if you don't see the cert. fingerprints in the 
page that is returned to your browser you know that the validation will 
fail due to incomplete graph.


One of my ProxyURIs: .

Document URL to which the Name above resolves: 

Forced refresh: 

Then retest and it will work, as long as you can see the fingerprint in 
the page (human readable descriptor) returned to the browser.



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