RE: broken turtle

ok you gave me the right cue. thanks. At least one site (my data mapper, into xml/rdf stream format) can now read the file, and treat them as a triple collection.


I was too pedantic (where would I get that trait from?). I saved my windows text file as UTF-8 (rather than ANSI), since the turtle spec went overboard to note how UTF-8 was to be assumed, and normal mime tpe conventions were totally forbidden, when stating char encodings. This (unwanted) act added the 3 byte UTF header to the response stream (which Im guessing throw the consuming site). If I removed them by treating the char stream as ASNI encoding (with 8 bit octets), and at least one site can consume the stream, now. is the current state.


i didnt document the failure modes (or the fix). No scientific value. 


I wonder the testing site is doing a GET on the tagged resource? (since that is what is in the SAN)?


that didnt seem totally unsuitable to a consumer, since one just uses a opretty classical, desktop file copy tool, similar to a 2-pane windows explorer tool. Once one teaches the tool that .ttl file extension is bound application/turtle, the file is copied with that web-centric attribute, each time. 		 	   		  

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