Re: Turtle support for WebID profiles

On Dec 22, 2011 11:50 AM, "Henry Story" <> wrote:

> > Questions:
> >
> > 1. I do not see any issues off hand for moving Turtle forward. What is
> could you ask on the LinkedData list, or find some way of getting people
> there to vote?

Yes, will do.

> Well turtle support will get full support I believe,
> but the more difficult question is after that should one drop RDF/XML as
a must
> support? Or should one have both? I don't find it difficult to do both.

I think both is reasonable.

> > 2. The examples page in the wiki lists Turtle and N3 in one section
> > (for somewhat obvious reasons). Should the proposal include the two
> > together?)
> I like N3, but there are too few good parsers for it sadly (many that
> claim to be N3 parsers are not). I think it's time is still to come.
> And so I'd love to mention it, but more as an aside.

In that case, and with Turtle probably moving ahead more formally, the two
should probably eventually be distibguished in the spec and in the informal
documentation. But let's see what the inquiry above brings. I can help with
some editing or suggested edits when the time comes.


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