RE: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service has my .p12 file. Feel free to test with it. its password is "password". Its bound to a blogspot foaf card (webid profile). From:
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 04:41:03 -0800
Subject: RE: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service

 ok there were two bugs. Fixing the first ("server") sounds like azure discovery will work better (since its fussy - i.e. conforming) about its discovery process. The second bug is that OP's response was missing a return field. See last graphic in my post delivered by Azure. it MAY explain why 2 ither RPs with other coding could not process the response, either. one tiny bug fix may sort out all 3 RPs.
My cert/profile works with fcns, but not with Henry's test server (last time I tested) or your test server (tested just now). Neither fail gives much indication as the cause. Im perfectly happy to post my .p12 file on the web, so anyone can retest (locally) with "my" credentials, if its useful.
ive been using "works" with FCNS as our gold standard. Perhaps i was wrong? I was assuing FCNS has found the right balance between ultra-conformance and liberal-parsing, etc, much like the tuning of openid delivered by the MyOpenid vendor was regarded as ideal - since it maximized interoperability over various versions, use of metadata, etc
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 07:05:39 -0500
Subject: Re: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service


    On 12/21/11 7:08 PM, Peter Williams wrote:


   suggests a
                necessary bug fix, so openilink with webid/openid can
                talk to Azure - and then realty, and everywhere realty
                reaches as bridging IDP (which is a LONG WAY).
        well done, Kingsley
              (and team). Good days work, connecting the semantic web to
              reality (and realty).



    Re., question posed in your post, it should be: . The issue has been fixed.


    Also, did you verify you WebID using the verifier at: ? 






        Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 15:17:42 -0800

        Subject: RE: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service




          I tried it with sourcforge, and the result was the same as
          with an RPX-powered (at amazone) RP.


          I also tried to bind the openlink IDP (with webid) to the
          Azure bridge, but failed; as summarized here:


          The site really needs to be (and claim to be) v2.
              Ill guess this is the crux of the issues.


            but, it all
              looks good. Just some minor fiddles required, I suspect.
              Wont be long before webid is (indirectly) powering a SAML2
              protocol exchange to the academic networks. of course,
              they have had client certs  and https client authn
              inducing a SAML exchange for years (in a profile focussed
              on ldap as the repository of the graph). But, this will be
              cuter; as its all native semweb.



            Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 12:46:48 -0800

            Subject: RE: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service


              Which RP site should I try, ideally?


              My trial results, at


              > Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 14:36:45 -0500

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                > To:;

                > Subject: WebID+OpenID Proxy Service


                > All,


                > I've dropped a note about the above at:


                > It's basically a decoupling of what we had in ODS
                re. WebID+OpenID 

                > delivered in a manner similar to:



                > -- 


                > Regards,


                > Kingsley Idehen 

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