Is there an EC project out there that several groups are now bidding for, related to webid? I ask, as it would explain certain social practices that have been going on now for a while. If there is, Ill help the american end either seek funds or somewin to win some funds - so its fair with Euro funding efforts. Im pretty familiar with how CEC programmes work (having hosted CEC funding days, and having worked on CEC projects myself, years ago). Obviously, it means webid is research (and products and adoption are years off). Not being an American, I dont get anything. But, what matters is that its fair (not what I get out of it). When I review folks positions and competencies, thee seems lots in the American camp that complements the Euro design perspective. The american angle will typically appear to lag (being less prescriptive that Euro design efforts), but if we get it right will actually create a NEW market (that US hardware typically ends up dominating).       		 	   		  

Received on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 06:41:18 UTC