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I thought I would have a look at the RDF and SPARQL in the spec too.  And I have a few comments too. These are but nit picking, will start with the RDF. 

The three fragments of RDF could all be interpreted to be slightly different. 

1. In the RDF/XML and the Turtle all of the foaf:Person IRIs are set explicitly to : https://bob.example/profile. But this is not the case in the RDFa, there is it dependant on the location of the html document. I would prefer all of them to be baseIRI dependant (like the RDFa). Regardless of the fixed adopted i think consistency is the way forward. 

You could either 
	a) change in the Turtle s;/bob:me/<#me>/ and from the bob @prefix 
	b) change the RDFa to be s/"#me"/"https://bob.example/profile#me"/

b) is probably an easier fix, but a) seems neater. 

2. In the RDFa the foaf:name "bob" inherits a language tag. I don't like language tagged names, they don't feel right. And plus there no language tag in the Turtle or the RDF/XML. 

You could add a xml:lang="" to the foaf:name span

3. Turtle consists of 9 triples, rdf/xml of 8, and the rdfa has 7 triples. 

Missing triples are basically foaf:weblog from the rdf/xml, and foaf:weblog along with rdf:label

In terms of the SPARQL. 

You could make the ASK query more specific. This is just a thought .... 

you could add a GRAPH verb or a FROM NAMED and make sure that the primaryTopic of a foaf Document is making that claim. 

something like below perhaps: 
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX xsd: <>
   GRAPH ?g {
    ?g foaf:primaryTopic ?webid .
     ?webid a foaf:Person . 
      ?webid :key [
         :modulus ?mod;
         :exponent ?exp;
      ] .
But yeah great work on the spec people! 


On 12 Dec 2011, at 14:24, Pierre-Antoine Champin wrote:

> Hi all,
> having a look at the WebID spec, I spotted a few mistakes in the RDF/XML
> example:
> * the rdfs namespace is not declared
> * the closing tag for rdfs:label misses the leading '/'
> * the datatypes xsd:hexBinary and xsd:integer should be expanded URIs,
> not CURIEs
> best
>  pa

Mischa Tuffield PhD

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