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given the d-entailment (issue), does this mean that my dotNET sparql solution is NOT conforming? ive no idea what the dotNet third-party library does (its a bin that talks about having re-compiled some java code so it executes on dotNet VM). how can I tell (ideally using a unit test or a use case) whether the sparql capability is at the minimum (or better)? ideally, I want a functional test (it works/fails with some use case from the spec). if the spec is going to say how to walk the graph using rdf-level triples, I presume that its walking method will implement/enforce whatever the d-entailment feature also necessarily implements. make sure the d-entialement is properly labelled as SHOULD (ideal, for widest interoperability) or MUST (non-conforming,m without). From:
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 21:21:36 +0100
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On 13 Dec 2011, at 21:16, Andreas Radinger wrote:
    Hi Henry,


    the last comment was sent from Natanael. But I guess this is not
    valid anymore because Turtle allows integer values without declaring
    the datatype as you already mentioned before.

oops. mixing people up. Happens easily on e-mails.


    My comment for the new spec is that I suggest to avoid linebreaks in
    the example of RDF/XML [1], in particular in the
    cert:modulus tag.

    You could make linebreaks before > of the opening tag of
    cert:modulus but not after this sign because that would mean the
    linebreak (\n) is part of the literal.

True, but I think it is unavoidable that this happens, so that is why we have specified that SPARQL D-entailment be present in the verification stage.(and we explain how to do without SPARQL)





    [1] 2.2.3


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    On 12/13/11 8:15 PM, Henry Story wrote:
    Thanks Andreas,

          for pointing out this issue with the datatypes.  Stephane
        Corlosquet just pushed out the fix into the latest published


      It's great to see people are really reading the spec in
        detail. This is the way to catch these mistakes. Please keep the
        feedback coming.



          On 13 Dec 2011, at 11:32, Henry Story wrote:

                </natanael/key2011>     a :RSAPublicKey;
                         rdfs:label "created in 2011";
                         :exponent "65537"^^:integer;
                         :identity <>;





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