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On 9 Dec 2011, at 12:03, Baptiste Lafontaine wrote:

> Hello,
> During the 5th step of actual spec, the WebID verifier contact a distant webserver to get the FOAF file. 
> Obviously, some people don't want to share the same pieces of information depending on who is asking.
> For instance :
> - For I just want to share my first and last name.
> - For I want to share my friend list
> - For I don't want to share anything
> - A more common rules for website I don't know.
> Is there any work (such as an ontology) done related to this?  I've searched in the list archive without success.

Good point. That is why currently in the spec (latest editor's draft  here  )

the image has an rdfs:seeAlso to a protected resource. 

But I don't think that was discussed, and though it is not wrong, it is  probably too general a relation.
( Also we don't have it in the rdf serialisations )

So I think you raise a good point. 

The WebID Profile document should not be automatically protected or otherwise we have the potential of deadlocks

Perhaps this should also be specified.

But here I think we need more discussion. 


PS. perhaps that is something the read-write-web group is interested in helping us out with?

> Thanks.
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