References again and other comments


I see that the WebID specification is stabilizing. I think it's time to 
clean references. My comments:
1. Remove N3 references (we do not use it in the spec - we talk about it 
a few weeks ago)
2. Add reference to SOAP in section 2.2.1
3. Add reference to HTML5 in various sections (e.g. in section 2.1.1)
4. Now in spec there is RDFa reference to XHTML+RDFa 1.1. I think is 
should be changed. This can be solved in two ways:
4.1. Update XHTML+RDFa ref to RDFa Core ref
4.2. Near XHTML+RDFa ref add HTML+RDFa ref [1]
5. Move GRDDL-PRIMER to Informative references
6. Add reference to HTML version of Cert ont

I have also some comments to other parts:
1. Remove issue about DSA. We have RSA ont. DSA is for the later future. 
Up to January we won't be ready to develope DSA ontology
2. Remove issue about Bergi's new HTTP header. Bergi proposal is very 
interesting but it but this is in IETF competence. We need to join the 
discussion in HTTP mailing list.
3. I think you should add to authorization (section 3.2.5) that there is 
a lot of scenarios. You mentioned that there are true/false 
authorization and Web of Trust authorization, but there is also possible 
another like prof. Geadke and mine proposal to roles [2]. Also you can 
use FOAF groups etc.
4. I think that EARL tests should be added to Appendices section.
5. Because the process of our incubator group is going to end it is a 
good time to mention in the Acknowledgments section about members of the 


Best regards,
Dominik 'domel' Tomaszuk

Received on Wednesday, 7 December 2011 13:58:32 UTC