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On 3 Dec 2011, at 19:10, Dominik Tomaszuk wrote:

> On 03.12.2011 18:16, Henry Story wrote:
>> On 3 Dec 2011, at 18:10, Dominik Tomaszuk wrote:
>>> I've added in wiki two versions of JavaScript to make xsd:hexBinary easier to read:
>>> 1. separator [1]
>>> 2. separator + break lines [2]
>> Very nice. It would be useful to put an example up online - your WebID Profile eg. - so that we can see what
>> it looks like. I am interested to see if this ends up being confusing....
> Here you are [3], but it is not mine profile. It is copy from spec example.

Very nice! Great work.

Now I wonder if there are any UI people here with User Experience. Should we somehow show the number transform from one to the other on mouse over so that people don't make the mistake of thinking they can now type this into their html as is? Or is that not really an issue...

Well I suppose we'll see...

> I've also update wiki and add links to pyRdfa.

I think perhaps it would be wise to point to pyRdfa via their interface, so people arriving on their page see
that they are using that tool. Otherwise we are perhaps abusing that service a little bit, as it would be easy
to cache their output. In any case if people don't stop on their page, they won't get the benefit of understanding
that there is a transformation that took place.

> >> [1]
> >> [2]
> [3]
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