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On 12/2/11 12:53 PM, Peter Williams wrote:
> My brain is such that I dont remember technical stuff for more than a 
> few months, unless its refreshed. I dont remember the rules of 
> hashtags, anymore.
> if I put  in the SAN URI of the certs, 
> will hat get treated asIf for the 
> purposes of SPARQL ASK?
> Im hoping I can change my graph in my webid profile to stop using #me 
> as the RDFa-coded graph's localid, but use # instead, so the above 
> would all dereference
> Does it?
> If it doesnt happen by default, is there any statement I could put in 
> my graph at http:/ today to that would induce 
> the validation agent doing SPARQL ASK (when agumented with an RDFS 
> reasoner, perhaps) to have view SAN URI of 
>   asIF 
> (and/or http:/

Use: http:/ (which is what has to be in the 
cert. SAN) for SPARQL ASK query patterns, that URI identifies the entity 
that has a relation with the modulus and exponent parts of the "mirrored 
claims" held in the IdP hosted profile graph.

BTW - you still have the issue of retrieving the profile graph. This is 
where the FROM clause comes into play re. some SPARQL engines. For 
instance, Virtuoso (our engine) will perform an HTTP GET subject to 
in-built cache invalidation rules. Of course, you can override using 



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