RE: XG Recommendations and XGR publication countdown (Take Off!)

Hi everyone,

I've just been advised by the W3C webmaster that the report is now available at
I have detected a couple of minor issues which I hope will be soon fixed. I'll let you know when it is officially announced by W3C

I've asked the W3C web master to publish the ontology and the OWL examples in a single place.
I'll advise when I'll switch the PURLs for them. The main difference will be that the PURL will give access to either the RDF or the HTML files.
(and the returned file will be ssn.owl not the "ugly" Ssn.xml we had until now)

For more information, see:

(a very proud) Laurent
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Subject: [ExternalEmail] XG Recommendations and XGR publication countdown

Hi everyone,

Some great news: we have a complete report including recommendations and it is time for everyone to have a final look over it!

In a nutshell, the 5 recommendations are:

 *   Create a W3C community group focused on the maintenance and extension of the SSN Ontology,
 *   Encourage W3C peers to continue to work on the generic issues surrounding ontology alignment and import in OWL, which currently raises specific challenges for the publication, packaging and maintenance of the SSN Ontology,
 *   Encourage the W3C Provenance Working Group to work on sensor-specific issues,
 *   Request the W3C to promote uptake of the SSN ontology in the W3C community,
 *   Encourage W3C and OGC to coordinate their activities in this area.

I don't think any of these recommendations are controversial as I have tried to summarise and reinforce the message I have received from the group during our last series of meetings. The conclusions are based on my knowledge of what happened since in terms of adoption of the SSN ontology and on my analysis of what needs to be done for it to be adopted by a larger community.

Can I ask everyone to have a final look at the last section of the report to check the recommendations and the rationale behind them ?

The other sections which have significantly changed are:
- the abstract (in line with the recommendations)
- the use cases:
- and several of the other pages documenting the SSN modules (filling the gaps especially for figures where the corresponding text was missing)
- the mappings section:

- I've fixed a lot of details especially in the examples because I'm convinced that if we left any errors in them, they will be copied recklessly,
- I've re-packaged all the examples (after linting them) so that they can be published in a ssnx directory under
- I have start to work on the translation to HTML - I have used TotalValidator to check the wiki-hosted version (and fixed lots of links), then exported the result to HTML and get it validated again (still have to fix the images links and captions, the special characters and I'm done). Please note that some of the "wiki markup" changes have been triggered by the validator outputs: see for details.
- once the HTML version is ready and everyone is okay with the contents, there is roughly a five days delay for the W3C webmaster to publish it. Yay!

Finally, Kerry helped with the editing of the report to the extent that she thinks she deserves to be listed as an editor. So she added herself as such. Any objection?


PS: The links to the sub-parts of the SSN Ontology section of the report have been moved here:

PS2: (Cory): please check (I think Kerry missed it so I've just added a link to it from the main page to make it more accessible).
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To: Lefort, Laurent (ICT Centre, Acton); Compton, Michael (ICT Centre, Acton)
Subject: my very last ever comment on the ssnxg final report


I've been through it all very carefully, again. There can't be much that I've still missed (there are a couple of minor things I didn't touch that I thought better to leave alone).


I advise:
1. Inviting everyone in the XG to have a final look over, and especially the recommendations which they haven't seen and the attribution of editor/author/participant.



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