SSN-XG Meeting Minutes (11 August)


Thanks to Payam (for scribing today and for being our top scribe - see, to Andriy for the example and the associated questions and to everyone else who attended the conference.

The minutes of the meeting are here: I have added a few more links to them. 

Michael, you have three new actions: can you handle action01 and action03 in priority?
For action 02, can I ask the rest of the group for additional examples or comments on what's needed so that we can close the action ASAP (re-discuss it at next meeting if possible).

[NEW] ACTION: Michael to add the missing link (and the role composition axioms manually) [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Michael to investigate or add link to feature at deployment [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Michael to remove remaining range and domain [recorded in]


PS: Please note the proposal by Kerry about organising a SSN XG wrap up or a what's happening after the XG) session during the ISWC conference. Please, submit your ideas on the mailing list or to Kerry directly.

Kerry, I can create a questionnaire to help you to scope this meeting (e.g. who intend to be there from the XG, what should be discussed ...).It is possible to create questionnaires which are restricted to the XG participants but also questionnaires which are open to everyone (there is a different login page for non W3C members/experts - the procedure is pretty lightweight - the only extra thing to do is to provide an email address).

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